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September 5, 2023    By Country Radio   

Hight court to sit in Kanungu

Rukungiri: The Rukungiri district high court judge Tom Chemutai will sit in Kanungu District for the first time to dispense justice effective Wednesday 6th September 2023.

This was revealed by Nantamu Oliver the Assistant registrar Rukungiri High court while interacting with our reporter in her office.

It should be noted that the high court was opened in November last year in Rukungiri District where it inherited cases from Kabale and Mbarara High courts.

The high court was opened to bring justice closer to people and save them from traveling long distances.

“This is good news because Justice now has been brought close to the people. We now know that the public will no longer have to trek long distances to Kabale, to Mbarara. We are now in Rukungiri and even moving closer through the sessions to go to places such as Kanungu. So we should be able to benefit from the session that is going to be conducted in that manner”. Said Nantamu.

Justice Chemutai is expected to handle 43 cases in a 30-day sessions including 20 murder cases, 5 for rape, 15 for aggravated defilement, 2 for aggravated robbery and 2 kidnap cases.

60 suspects are expected to appear before the high court judge and of these, 54 are males and the remaining 5 are females.

Cases to be handled are those that were committed since 2019.

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