Water crisis bites Kisizi Residents

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February 2, 2024    By Country Radio   

Water crisis bites Kisizi Residents

Rukungiri: Kinyamahwa and Kayanga villages in Kisiizi parish, Nyarushanje sub-county have been apparently hit by water crisis.

This was revealed by the area residents during an interaction with our reporter.

Ensinikweri Umalu, a resident of Kinyamahwa cell said that they depend on the dug wells which are contaminated by floods during the rainy season. He further revealed that the water is also contaminated by brick makers during the holidays which he says puts them at risk of contracting waterborne diseases. 

Ensinikweri now wants the government to intervene and provide them with safe water.

Similarly, Dinavence Tukwasibwe from the same parish stated that they share the water sources with animals, mostly pigs.

Tikwasibwe further revealed that they had some springs which are now unfunctional and this forces them to trek long distances in search of clean water at the spring that serves the whole village.

She said several politicians have always promised them safe water during election campaigns but they only disappear after winning the political seats.

Responding to residents’ concerns, the Nyarushanje sub-county district councilor, Mathias Mwesigwa Rwabugumi revealed that there is a work plan to provide them with spring water to fix the crisis.

He tasked residents to trace the permanent water source and get in touch with him and his team to address the problem immediately.

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