Team Batsigira moves to support sports in Rujumbura constituency.

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January 14, 2024    By Country Radio   

Team Batsigira moves to support sports in Rujumbura constituency.

Rukungiri: As a way of giving back to the community, team Batsigira has pledged to continue supporting sports in Rujumbura constituency.

Members of team Bastsigira say their hand in supporting sports is aimed at improving the talents of the youths who have for long been neglected.

Speaking at the sidelines of a friendly match between Kyamurari foot club and Buyanja Town council foot club at Buyanja Town council playground on Saturday 13th January 2024, Charleson Kwikiriza Batsigira, the Bastsigira team leader said that they cannot sit and see the talents of young people perish because of lacking support.

Kwikiriza said that personally, he started supporting sports in 2015 and is not about to stop.

He said sports like football have turned out to be professional jobs where people are earning a lot of money.

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In his new year’s message to the citizens, Kwikiriza said that 2024 is a year where people should work hard and avoid under looking jobs.

He further said last year had issues which should be left behind and urged people to shift their focus now on achieving better things in this New Year.

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One of yesterday’s match organizers and also a member of team Batsigira, Kenneth Tashobya told Country Radio reporter that they decided to support this friendly match between Kyamurari FC and Buyanja Town council FC after understanding the problems facing these local teams. He equally narrated to our reporter how sports have changed the financial status of many people in Uganda and beyond.

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Simon Taremwa alias Pogba who spoke on behalf of Kyamurari FC players commended team Batsigira for supporting sports in Rujumbura constituency. He said that whereas some talented students have got bursaries in good schools, others are still stranded in villages because of lacking support that would help them to expose their talents.

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The match ended 1-0 in favour of the hosts Buyanja Town council FC.

However the visitors Kyamurari FC also displayed a stellar performance. 

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