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Charleson Batsigira charges students on discipline.

January 29, 2024    By Country Radio

Rukungiri: Students have been called upon to maintain discipline if they want to have brighter future days. The call was made by Charleson Kwikiriza Batsigira, the leader of team Batsigira. He was speaking on Sunday at the sidelines of a friendly match between Kigaga FC and Kagarama FC played at... Read More

Team Batsigira moves to support sports in Rujumbura constituency.

January 14, 2024    By Country Radio

Rukungiri: As a way of giving back to the community, team Batsigira has pledged to continue supporting sports in Rujumbura constituency. Members of team Bastsigira say their hand in supporting sports is aimed at improving the talents of the youths who have for long been neglected. Speaking at the sidelines... Read More