Charleson Batsigira charges students on discipline.

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January 29, 2024    By Country Radio    ,

Charleson Batsigira charges students on discipline.

Rukungiri: Students have been called upon to maintain discipline if they want to have brighter future days.

The call was made by Charleson Kwikiriza Batsigira, the leader of team Batsigira.

He was speaking on Sunday at the sidelines of a friendly match between Kigaga FC and Kagarama FC played at Nyakagyeme church of Uganda playground.

The match ended in a goalless draw.

Kwikiriza said discipline can help a student to perform better in class and also eases the work of teachers.

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He also asked parents to pay school fees in time so that their children cannot be inconvenienced in the middle or at the end of the term. Kwikiriza told our reporter that once a parent produces a child, it becomes his responsibility to look after him or her.

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Kwikiriza further asked teachers not to look at teaching as a source of income but rather a service. He also appealed to them (teachers) to always finish syllabus in time so that students can have time to revise.

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He congratulated the P.7 leavers who passed PLE exams and urged those who failed to understand that life doesn’t stop from their.

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