Nursery tea bed operators call for tea policy.

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September 19, 2023    By Country Radio   

Nursery tea bed operators call for tea policy.

Rukungiri: Tea Nursery Bed Operators have requested the Government to have a tea policy that will ensure high quality of tea and its products.

The call was made by the Chairman of Kigezi Region Tea Nursery Bed Operators Frank Byaruhanga in his keynote speech during the meeting of South-Kigezi-Ankole Tea Nursery Bed Operators held at Rukungiri district council hall.

Byaruhanga said that such a policy will enable Ugandan tea to compete favourably in the international market and will make it possible for the government to collect improved revenue.

Citing examples of countries like Rwanda which have a tea policy in place, Byarugaba said that such countries don’t experience price fluctuations for tea and it’s products.
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The secretary for Kigezi Nursery Bed tea Operators Caleb Kipande said a tea policy will address issues like production, transportation, processing and marketing which are all challenges faced by farmers.

Kipande further said that to widen the tea business, all the above issues must be swiftly tackled.
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One of the Tea Nursery Bed Operators from Mbarara District Henry Tumanyane said a tea policy is a need for everyone who is in the business of tea.

He also said that with a tea policy in place, farmers can get cheaper loans and plant more tea which in turn benefits the government through widening the tax base.

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