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June 15, 2024    By Country Radio   

57% of Ugandans aware of Worsening Climate

Rukungiri: A new survey by Twaweza shows that most Ugandans (57%) believe the climate is getting worse, and 86% are worried about its impact on their lives.

 According to Martha Chemutai, Communications officer for Twaweza, in Uganda,  the survey, conducted from October 25 to November 25, 2023, included 2,762 respondents and is based on data from Sauti za Wananchi, Africa’s first nationally representative high-frequency mobile phone survey.

Seven out of ten citizens report declining agricultural yields and find it harder to secure basic necessities for their households. Additionally, 82% of households and 83% of communities report experiencing the effects of climate change, especially in rural areas and regions dependent on agriculture, like Northern and Eastern Uganda.

Chemutai revealed that Low crop yields (40%) and food shortages (17%) are the main impacts of climate change reported at both household and community levels. Road damage is also a significant issue at the community and national levels.

To combat these adverse effects, 52% of respondents recommend planting trees, and nearly as many (45%) have already done so. Advocating for tree protection or planting is supported by 36% of respondents, aligning with the 70% who identify deforestation as a major cause of climate change.

While half of the respondents (51%) believe rich countries should bear most of the blame for climate change, 34% disagree. However, 68% agree that those responsible for climate change should cover the costs of adaptation.

Chemutai said that Uganda is very vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and this new data shows that citizens are already experiencing the predicted changes to agricultural production. While wealthy nations’ carbon emissions are the main cause of climate change.

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