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April 9, 2024    By Country Radio   

We don’t have conflicts in NUP-Bobi Wine

Kampala: National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, says his party is not facing any internal conflicts as portrayed by the media.

Kyagulanyi while speaking during the unveiling of the Opposition’s alternative budget on Monday, April 8, 2024, said what is happening is the fight against corruption and criminality.

Members from NUP have for the past two months been bickering over different issues in the party. The bickering stemmed from the shillings 500 million Parliament reward to the Nyendo Mukungwe Member of Parliament Mathias Mpuuga for his work as the Leader of Opposition.

Kyagulanyi welcomed efforts by the Opposition to come up with an alternative budget but said all this (the alternative budget) will be futile without fighting corruption.

Kyagulanyi reiterated that the party will not engage in any negotiations with the Government to have their supporters released as they believe they are innocent.

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