Security forces seal off NUP headquarters.

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October 9, 2023    By Country Radio   

Security forces seal off NUP headquarters.

Kampala: The National Unity Platform (NUP) head office in Kamwokya, Kampala has been sealed off by security forces as the party was preparing to hold prayers for their alleged supporters who lost their lives in the hands of what has been termed as state operatives.

In an announcement on Sunday, Kyagulanyi stated that they would gather at their party offices on Monday to pray for their comrades who were killed, abducted, or are still missing.

He expressed his frustration with the security forces’ actions in blocking their prayers.

“The military and police have raided and cordoned off the NUP Head Office, Kamwokya yet again, preventing us from holding prayers for our deceased, detained, and disappeared comrades,” Kyagulanyi voiced his concerns.

He mentioned that nobody is allowed to enter or leave the office.

Kyagulanyi criticised the regime for behaving worse than the colonialists they replaced.

“While Museveni and his small group indulge in the celebration of looting and plundering our nation for nearly forty years, we will stand with the families of the victims to remember their loved ones,” Kyagulanyi added.

Currently, Kyagulanyi remains confined to his home, allegedly to prevent him from mobilising for a march.

He was escorted from Entebbe international airport to his home in Magere without going through regular immigration procedures and has since then been blocked from leaving his home.

Several of his supporters have also been arrested.

It is uncertain whether Kyagulanyi will be granted permission to venture outside today.

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