Rukungiri district top leadership on spot over mishandling land matters.

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January 24, 2024    By Country Radio    ,

Rukungiri district top leadership on spot over mishandling land matters.

Rukungiri: Rukungiri district councilors sitting on the Finance, planning, administration and investment committee have expressed dissatisfaction over the way in which the district top leadership is handling land matters.

Councilors say there is mushrooming land grabbing cases in the district ochastrated by the district top leadership.

Albert Mugisha Rwamugata, the district councilor for Buyanja sub-county said that they were shocked on finding that the district land worth over two billion shillings in is being given away to Rukungiri municipality by the top leaders including the district chairperson, Resident District Commissioner, Chief Administrative Officer and members of the District Executive Committee (DEC) without the knowledge of the district council members.

He noted that they are not against developing Rwamahwa Health Center IV but giving away the district land must be done legally.

He said they have now directed that all the activities being carried out on the land in question be stopped with immediate effect until this issue is resolved.

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Winfred Nahurira, the district councilor for Kebisoni sub-county said that she is not happy with the illegal give-away of the district land where the council members who are stakeholders were not notified. She asked those who are giving away the land in question to follow the laid procedures.

Nahurira called for co-operation whenever such matters arise.

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The district councilor for Buhunga sub-county, Benon Kyarisiima who is also a committee member said that they were shocked to learn that there was a letter from the office of Rukungiri district Chief Administrative Officer directing those residing in district quators to quit them.

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Wenceslas Mubangizi, the LC1 chairperson of Kakabada B cell, Northern B parish, Eastern division in Rukungiri Municipality where the contested land is located told our reporter that he was at first approached by the district top leaders who asked him to show them the land demarcations.

He was however dismayed to be told that the said land’s ownership was transfered to the Municipal authorities without him knowing.

The councilors have now vowed to raise the matter in the next district council sitting scheduled for Thursday 25th January 2024.

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