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May 6, 2024    By Country Radio   

Only Revival Will end Corruption-Rujoki

John Musinguzi Rujoki, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Commissioner General has said that Christian revival is the only remedy that will end corruption in Uganda since creates fear to commit sin.

“the high moral decay like corruption in Uganda will only be saved by the East African Revival Movement. The country needs to get on the knees in prayer and reignite the East African revival Movement. Corruption is so rampant in the country not because people have surrendered themselves to the earthly riches and the country needs God only”. Said Musinguzi.

He says that there is another vice coming up where women want to use sex as means of getting favor in advancing their careers saying that when he was appointed the commissioner general of Uganda revenue authority, he found that vice in the organization where some senior managers would demand sex from some female staff to be promoted.

Rujoki further said that he joined URA top office, corruption was so high but he has managed to fight it because of the guidance of God.

Musinguzi was on Sunday February 05th 2024 speaking as the Guest speaker at the 2nd annual Youths Diocesan Conference in the Diocese of Kigezi at St Peters Cathedral Rugarama grounds in Kabale Municipality.

Musinguzi urged the youths to be patient and trust in God’s plans for their future encouraging them to choose and pursue fulfilling careers if they are to succeed in life as he underscored the inevitability of identifying and exploiting the God-given talents they possess for individual and community transformation. He further challenged them (youths) to embrace integrity, as well as an honest and reliable character.

“ the world is full of all sort of weird things. Those days while we were studying, we used to hear of homosexuality but now days its common as there are some people putting in money to recruit the young people , you the truth that have grown up in this generation that is full of vices like homosexuality, drug abuse all sorts of perversions , I urge you to preserve what you have because it’s so precious that is Jesus Christ we must surrender everything to God if we are to change this country “. Said Musinguzi.

Rt. Rev. Nathan Ahimbisibwe, the Bishop of South Ankole Diocese, challenged the youths to be doers of God’s Word if they are to strengthen their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

He emphasized the need for practicing of the Word of God rather than being forgetful hearers, if they are to survive the present evil world Quoting James 1:22-27.

He said that many Christians have forsaken the Word and chose to be hypocrites, a reason for the many evils among the youths such as fornication, theft, and corruption, among others.

He also emphasized the importance of laying a strong foundation at their young age preparing for their future old age, and continuing in the faith.

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