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January 21, 2024    By Country Radio   

No space for palestinian state-Netanyahu

Isreal: Israel premier Benjamin Netanyahu has again insisted Israel should retain security control over all the Palestinian territories.

The Israeli prime minister said this condition was “contrary” to a future Palestinian state being established.

His comments on Saturday defied pressure on his government from the US and others to commit to future Palestinian statehood.

Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden discussed the future of the Palestinian territories in a call on Friday.

The Israeli PM’s latest intervention appeared to deepen a public divide between his government and the US over future governance of Gaza and the West Bank when the Gaza conflict comes to an end.

The US believes a future Palestinian state alongside Israel – known as a “two-state solution” – is vital for long-term stability. But the White House acknowledged this week the US and Israeli governments “clearly see things differently”.

Speaking to reporters after the two leaders held a call for the first time in almost a month, Mr Biden insisted a two-state solution was still possible with Mr Netanyahu in office.

But on Saturday Mr Netanyahu doubled down on his position, which he has held for much of his political career and repeated earlier this week.

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