Museveni preaches integrity at Namugongo Catholic Shrine

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June 3, 2024    By Country Radio   

Museveni preaches integrity at Namugongo Catholic Shrine

Kampala: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said that many societal evils, such as corruption, embezzlement, defilement, and murder, stem from a lack of Godly guidance in people’s hearts.

He emphasised that the fear of God instills honesty, integrity, and self-control.

Museveni made these remarks on Monday June 3, 2024 while addressing a crowd that had gathered at the  Catholic shrine in Namugongo  for the Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations.

He emphasized the enduring legacy of the Uganda Martyrs and the significance of their sacrifice.

“The fear of God teaches believers to guard themselves from engaging in evil practices that are likely to break their communion with the Creator. It makes you accountable to a heavenly father, who watches everything you do, even in darkness. Christians are aware that they will face judgment for their words and actions, here on earth,” he said.

Speaking to a diverse audience, including pilgrims from within Uganda and beyond, Museveni underscored the martyrs’ refusal to renounce Christianity in the face of persecution by Kabaka Mwanga, highlighting their pivotal role in the spread of Christianity across Africa.

Highlighting the non-sectarian philosophy of the NRM (National Resistance Movement), Museveni condemned Mwanga’s persecution of Christian converts, advocating for unity and cooperation within Uganda and across Africa.

He called on religious leaders to address not only spiritual needs but also the practical necessities of life, advocating for initiatives to combat poverty and promote economic empowerment.

“In a modern economy, you cannot obtain the goods and services necessary to sustain life without money,” Museveni said, emphasizing the importance of economic empowerment through profitable enterprises in agriculture, industry, services, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

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