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November 1, 2023    By Country Radio   

MP Zaake denied access to his office

Kamapala: Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake who was recently reinstated as parliamentary commissioner has accused Parliament of denying him access to his office.

This follows the Constitutional Court order that invalidated a resolution by parliament to remove him from his position as parliamentary commissioner.

In September 2023, court ruled that the then Deputy Speaker Anita Among, who presided over the matter had violated the principles of natural justice by not recusing herself as the complainant.

Zaake says the Deputy Clerk to Parliament issued a letter directing him to occupy another office at Queen Chambers along Parliamentary Avenue as an ordinary Member of Parliament on Wednesday when he tried to access his office together with his lawyers Eron Kiiza and Saasi Marvin.

“We have come here to access my office with my lawyers and also to ask the necessary questions to the Clerk.  Unfortunately, he has been out of office so we accessed the Deputy Cllerk and he has informed us that there’s no office for me as a parliamentary commissioner. That means that they disobeyed the court order that allowed me to be in this office,” Zaake said.

Zaake objected to the decision and vowed to use all possible means to occupy the office, threatening to expose the rot in the Parliamentary Commission.

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