Kajara County hopeful James Hunter gives back to the community.

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October 10, 2023    By Country Radio   

Kajara County hopeful James Hunter gives back to the community.

Ntungamo: The Kajara County hopeful James Hunter Tukahirwa Byenjeru has embarked on supporting different groups of people in the different sub-counties making Kajara constituency, with the aim of chasing poverty out of their families.

Tukahirwa who is the former transport officer in the ministry of health told our reporter that it pains him seeing people who should be supported to get out of poverty left behind by some leaders who are self centered.  

He called on the people of Kajara County to embrace government programmes like Parish Development Modal (PDM) and Emyooga which he says will push them into the money economy.

Tukahirwa who has been publically seen supporting women groups also emphasised the need of forming groups highlighting that these can be easily supported by leaders and development partners.

Well known for his generosity, Tukahirwa has already supported different developmental projects in Kajara Country such as Schools, Churches, mosques, Roads and bridges.

Recently, he contributed millions of money to different places of worship like Kibatsi church of Uganda and Nyabushenyi church of Uganda in Nyabushenyi sub-county, Nyakafunjo church of Uganda and Nyamukana Mosque in Nyamukana town council, Bwongyera church of Uganda, Kagugu catholic church and Kashariro catholic church all in Bwongyera sub-county, Kagamba catholic church in Kibatsi sub-county, Nyabihoko catholic church in Nyabihoko sub-county among other churches.

Besides churches, Tukahirwa has also supported schools like Kitojo primary school, Mahwa primary school and Kemishego primary school in Nyamukana Town council, Bwongyera girl’s secondary school and Kitojo primary school in Bwongyera sub-county, Kitunga secondary school and Kagamba secondary school in Kagamba town council, Kibatsi high school in Kibatsi sub-county and many others.

To foster the spirit of togetherness among the people of Kajara County, Tukahirwa has already started to support savings and credit groups like Nyabihoko Sacco. With this strategy, Tukahirwa says he intends to improve on the financial status for the people of Kajara whom he intends to lead in the coming elections 2026-2023.

James Hunter Tukahirwa Byenjeru was born in 1965 in Kyaruhanga cell, Nyamukana town of Bwongyera sub-county, Ntugamo district.

Having served in different government agencies and ministries, he carries a vast amount of experience which he wants to use to develop the people of Kajara county through representing them in parliament.

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