Horror! Three killed in Rukungiri in two days.

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November 1, 2023    By Country Radio   

Horror! Three killed in Rukungiri in two days.

Three people have been killed in the Kigezi region in the last two days.   

The latest incident happened on Tuesday at Nyakabare village, Central Ward Kebisoni town council, in Rukungiri district, when Darius Turyamwijuka, 39 was allegedly killed by his nephew Apollo Niwenyesiga Kabududu,40.  

According to Richard Katamba, the LCI Chairperson, the two who were in a trading center developed a misunderstanding and started fighting. While Niwenyesiga was using a stick to fight back, Turyamwijuka in the process picked a hoe and hit him in the head and back several times. Niwenyesiga died on the spot.      
Earlier on the same day Adriano Mureera, 73, a resident of Bihasha village, Kahoko parish, Nyakagyeme sub-county in Rukungiri District was discovered dead in his compound.

Edwin Kusiima, the deceased’s grandson says that while he went outside for a short call, he was shocked to see Mureera lying dead.  

Gerevazio Ainobushoborozi, the LCI Chairperson says that the deceased was found with bruises, an indication that he could have been killed.

On Monday 51-year-old Patience Kyozire, a resident of Kinyamatojo village in Nyabubare parish, Bwambara sub-county was found killed and her body dumped in the compound of Henry Turyasingura.

Ochan Byakatonda area village LCI Chairman says that Kyozire was last seen a day before in the evening with Henry Orikiriza and Yoramu Banturaki residents of Bitereko village.      

Byakatonda says that the two men were seen buying her waragi in Burambira trading center in Kinyamatojo village. Later, the three were seen walking towards Bwambara trading center and never returned.  It was until the body was found with bruises.    

Elly Maate, the Police Spokesperson for Kigezi region said that investigations into the killings are ongoing. Maate also said that police have arrested Apollo Niwenyesiga Kabududu in connection to the death of Darius Turyamwijuka.      

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