Beef ban hits hard beef dealers in Nyamunuka town council

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February 2, 2024    By Country Radio   

Beef ban hits hard beef dealers in Nyamunuka town council

Ntungamo: The ban imposed on beef trade in Nyamunuka town council, Ntungamo district has left many meat dealers in worry over where to get school fees for the first term of academic year 2024 which begins next week on Monday 05th Febuary 2024.

The ban was instituted recently in Nyamunuka town council after confirming the out break of foot and mouth disease in the neighbouring areas of Rwampara, Nyamukana, Rushenyinyi and some parts of Isingiro district.

This has however attracted worries among the meat traders who are now wondering where they will get school fees since their only source of income has been closed down.

Ismail Kamanyi, a meat dealer told our reporter that he is currently stranded and doesn’t know where he is going to get school fees for this children when this first term because selling meat has been the only source of his survival.

He now wants the government work around the clock and contain the situation so that they can resume their normal business.

The head of slaughter shrubs in Nyamunuka Town Council Bashil Mugyenyi who also deals in beef products describes the condition as disgusting saying it has also affected the performance of other businesses in the Town council since meat attracts many customers to the area.

Meanwhile, the mayor Nyamunuka Town council, Sadara Kaibanda advised meat dealers to be patient as they wait for the ban to be lifted and asked them to observe directives from health experts because without health, they cannot educate their children.

By the time of filing this story, the Ntungamo district veterinary officer, Dr. Yake Basulila couldn’t be reached as he did not pick our repeated calls.

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